Certification audit starts with Client request or other way of communication between Client and QMV Representative.

After introducing of Client, QMV Representative have to Familiarize with Client business, Client organization and Client location to prepare for Stage 1 of Audit. 

Stage 1 Audit understand visit to Client on a date mutually agreed upon. Stage 1 Audit have aim to see Client management system according to requesting criteria, standard, processes. This stage will determine implementation and internal controls are managed and processes like internal audit and management review are also prepare. QMV Representative will gather the information regarding the scope of your management system, key processes and related statutory, regulatory and compliance aspects. After Stage 1 Audit QMV Representative will provide a report to Client if Client is ready for Stage 2 Audit and final certification process.

Stage 2 Audit understand main audit visit – closely reviewing and evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of your management system. This include talk with Clients employees and senior management, reviewing processes, reviewing documentation and other activity needed for confirmation of management system. Stage 2 Audit will be finalize with Closing meeting and detailed audit report to meeting attendances. After few days QMV Representative will deliver to Client written report with findings of the assessment and details of the processes audited; areas for improvement; mutually agreed non-conformity and Recommendations for certification.

Certification Board will make final decision for Certification 7 days after Audit report. Certification is valid for 3 Years if QMV Representative confirm Certification in next 12 months Surveillance Audit (2nd Year), and 24 months another Surveillance Audit (3rd Year).

After 3 Year Client have to make Recertification process for next period of certification.


If You have any complain to Audit process, Audit team, Auditor, Audit report, Certification decision, please send us mail on qmv@qmv-cert.com and we will make reaction and inform You regarding Your Complain.


If You want to report any non-conformity to Certified management system please inform us so we will check and make correction for non-conformity in certification.